Artist Profile

Lauretta studied Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art, before graduating in 2003 and re-locating to Lancashire in 2006, where she works from her studio in Preston.

Lauretta’s practice involves the application of several mediums including acrylic, pencil, ink and the use of found and collected fabrics. The ritual of sewing and the recent introduction of weaving have become integral to her process of creation.

Lauretta finds herself immersed in the vigour of memory and attachment, where the emotions and feelings associated with personal experience often serve as the initial motivation, yet the driving force behind her work is created by a developmental progression of drawing, writing, painting, collage and sewing. This allows her pieces to organically evolve and grow with no preconception of a finished idea. Working this way compliments the central themes explored throughout her practice such as memory, nostalgia, family, attachment and loss, where balance and objectivity is a constant sought after state needed to establish harmony, but uncertainty and lack of planning, pose frustrating challenges and sometimes regrets.